Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature. - Cezary Chwicewski, Jędrzej Dondziło
Cezary Chwicewski, Jędrzej Dondziło

I live and work here

Cezary Chwicewski,
Jędrzej Dondziło

Creators of Up to Date Festival – one of the major electronic music festivals in Poland. Cezary is the Festival’s creative director, co-founder of the Pozdro Techno brand. Jędrzej, aka DJ Dtekk, is the programme director and a one-man-institution in the Polish scene of electronic music.

From the love of music

“We started making the festival as a group of friends” – they note. The first edition took place in 2010. Since then, Up to Date Festival has become a permanent fixture in the cultural calendar of Białystok, and every year gathers thousands of fans from Poland and abroad.

Explosion of creativity

Year by year the Festival offers a carefully selected, progressive line-up prepared by Jędrzej, who does not accept compromises in this field. The Festival is also known for its original promotional ideas and activities orchestrated by Cezary. Up to Date’s promo videos are usually awaited with as much anticipation as artist announcements, and have set new promotional standards for cultural events in Poland.

A different face of the region and the city

At first Up to Date Festival used to be staged in the former military warehouse complex “Węglowa”. It was later moved to the city stadium. Some acts, however, perform at the Podlaskie Opera and Philharmonic as well as the Baroque style Branicki Palace. Besides being an artistic phenomenon, the Festival greatly contributes to the promotion of Białystok and the whole region – every year it brings over 3,000 visitors from outside the region. In 2015, the Festival has won the Podlaskie Tourist Brand of the Year Award.

We live in a beautiful region, in a gorgeous city, and that is why people want to come over. There are many other places around the world, but here you get the space for your thoughts. And this is necessary to do the meta level work, which requires focus and undisturbed atmosphere.

Cezary Chwicewski

There is not much that I miss in Podlaskie. But every time I go away, I miss the region so much. It offers that unique work-life balance – gives you work opportunities and creates conditions to pursue them in an unhurried manner. I can realise my dreams here without the need to participate in the rat race.

Jędrzej Dondziło
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