Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature. - Adam Zdanowicz
Adam Zdanowicz

I live and work here


Adam Zdanowicz is the founder of Poland’s greatest custom bicycle studio. In his trailblazing career, Adam has made bicycles for stars and celebrities, including the likes of Slash of Guns N’ Roses, Michał Szpak or Aleksander Milwiw-Baron. He is also the winner of the world’s most prestigious award at a bike show in Las Vegas.

Passion and success

Adam is the founder of Poland’s largest bicycle design and manufacture studio – MAD Bicycles. Each of his bikes is hand-made – there are no 2 identical ones. MAD bicycles are ridden by Polish music stars and world-acclaimed artists. Adam created bicycles for such stars as Slash of Guns N’ Roses, Michał Szpak or Aleksander Milwiw-Baron. In 2019, he won a bicycle “Oscar” – the first prize at a world bicycle show in Las Vegas.

Fuelled by Nature

Zdanowicz says, he is a local patriot, who combines original ideas with tradition. Adam gives his customers way more than just a perfectly crafted two-wheeler. Inspired by the nature and regional folk art of Podlaskie, he strives to offer unparalleled experiences.

Everything is possible

Custom bicycles are not the only medium of Adam’s creativity. He is also an avid photographer, visionary, and a director of independent videos. Zdanowicz has constructed the world’s first bicycle made of ice and presented its history in the “Of Water and Wheels” video, which he has also created. Adam likes to meet the young and share his story, telling them about what gives him this creative push and what drives his unconventional business model. He is a living proof, that everything is possible.

I live in Podlaskie and I see my future here. Contrary to what others might think, for me, this part of Poland is incredibly rich. Rich in diversity, for instance. And diversity is a neverending source of inspiration.

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