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Podlaskie Opera and Philharmonic

The most modern centre of culture in this part of Europe. Apart from operas and musicals, it stages symphonic concerts, as well as a wide variety of interactive shows, plays for children and music festivals.

Museum of Icons in Supraśl

An interactive museum which gives an insight into the Eastern Orthodox Church and its fascinating sacral art. It is housed in the 500-year-old Orthodox monastery in Supraśl.

Arsenał Gallery / Białystok

One of the major galleries of modern art in Poland. It presents contemporary art in a variety of media and offers an insight into all the most important and interesting phenomena in current Polish art, while not sidestepping challenges and experiments.

Wierszalin Theatre in Supraśl

An award-winning chamber theatre known all over the world. Immerse in the universe of myths and folklore, presented in an innovative form full of expression. A definite must.

Museum of Agriculture in Ciechanowiec

This open-air museum showcases a disappearing part of our world. It displays meticulously restored wooden architecture, a landowner’s mansion, a working water mill and a unique collection of traditional farming equipment. The museum is open all year long.

April in Podlaskie

Wiosna w Podlaskiem ma tysiące kolorów. Wykorzystaj dłuższe dni i spotkaj się z dziką naturą np. z perspektywy słynnej kładki Waniewo-Śliwno w Narwiańskim Parku Narodowym.

Podlaskie has
the largest Orthodox population in Poland.
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