Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature. - Pillars of Podlaskie economy

Pillars of Podlaskie economy


Milk, wood processing, machine industry, IT sector, organic products and yachting industry. Here are the most important facts and figures about the region’s economic potential.


Every third packet of butter on the shelves of Polish shops comes from Podlaskie. Mlekovita, Mlekpol, Piątnica – Poland’s top dairy processing companies – come from this region. There are 41 cows for every 100 ha in the region – that is the highest ratio in Poland!

The industry is growing fast, thanks to huge investments in modernising machinery parks of milk processing companies, which places them among the most advanced in Europe. Farmers keep up their pace too, implementing automation solutions and investing in innovative technologies.

Apart from advanced technological level of milk processing plants, the success of Podlaskie milk is mainly due to its high quality. The region’s pristine nature combined with long-standing dairy traditions make highest quality milk, and in consequence, superior dairy products.

In order to understand the Podlaskie affection for milk, visit Poland’s first Museum of Milk in Grajewo.

Wood processing and furniture industry

The furniture industry is one of the region’s economic powerhouses. Podlaskie has been chosen by some of Poland’s largest furniture companies. They include such export giants as FM Forte, Pfleiderer Grajewo or IKEA Industry Poland.

The challenging Scandinavian market is where Unihouse thrives. The company, the Podlaskie Brand of the Year Award winner, produces modular, timber frame buildings. At the same time, the signature, prefabricated, timber frame houses of Danwood are in high demand in Germany.
In 2018, in recognition of their contribution to the development and promotion of the region, the leading wood processing and furniture companies were awarded the prestigious title of the Podlaskie Ambassador of Economy.

Machine industry

The region is the seat of Polish and world leaders in the machinery production sector. The award-winning products of Samasz, Pronar, Metal-Fach are exported to many countries around the world – from the USA to Japan. These companies are among the region’s largest employers.
The Podlaskie machine industry co-operates within the framework of the Metal Processing Cluster, one of Poland’s Key National Clusters, which facilitates the branch’s worldwide expansion. The companies which belong to the Cluster, present their offer at world’s most significant trade fairs, where they seek new global partners.

IT Sector

Known for its many glorious forests, e.g. the Białowieża or the Knyszyn Forests, Podlaskie has recently earned a nickname of the “Silicon Forest” thanks to the rapid growth of its IT sector.

There is an ecosystem in the region which favours the development of the IT branch, i.e. dynamic universities, the Faculty of Computer Science of the Białystok University of Technology in particular, and progressive science and technology parks in Białystok and Suwałki. The growing number of IT companies offer a wide array of advanced solutions for the global market (such as the award-winning educational robot Photon) and employ thousands of highly skilled professionals.

In 2019, the IT sector received the prestigious Ambassador of Podlaskie Economy Award.

Organic products

Podlaskie is well known for its pristine nature and clean air. No wonder there are many brands and products in the region, which base on its natural features and resources. In Podlaskie, there are over 2,500 certified organic farms. Besides its milk, the region is widely recognised for natural cosmetics, honey, herbs, as well as cheeses and cold meats.
The region’s natural wealth is under protection in 4 national parks. Picturesque landscapes and serene primeval forests favour tourism and make for a terrific place to unwind and relax.

Yachting industry

Augustów, a scenic town amid lakes and forests, is the place where yachts are being built to sail the seas and oceans around the world. Podlaskie’s largest yachting company, Ślepsk, has just opened a huge, new production plant, with a planned output of 700 yachts a year. Balt-Yacht exports mainly to the Scandinavian countries and the USA. Its order book is already filled for the whole next season. The company specialises in popular tourist house boats – the so called “water campers”.

Kotniz, located near Białystok, makes accessories for marine industry, and its products can be found on yachts sailing under all colours of the world.

The yachting industry, which exports over 70% of its production and is praised by most demanding global partners, has been awarded the title of Ambassador of Podlaskie Economy.

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