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Fair Play Crew

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Fair Play Crew

A group of performers loved all over the world. With a career that spans 25 years, they choreograph and direct spectacles enthusiastically applauded in Poland, Europe and… China. They are the creators of Europe’s largest dance festival – Fair Play Dance Camp. Due to Fair Play Crew’s success and popularity, Białystok has earned its nickname – “Polish capital of dance”.

Breakdancing and VHS cassettes

Fair Play Crew is a group of 6 dancers and choreographers – Wojciech “Blacha” Blaszko, Karol “Niecik” Niecikowski, Cezary “Kruk” Krukowski, Rafał “Roofi” Kamiński, Błażej “Bzyga” Górski and Marcin Rogalski. This year marks the group’s 25 th anniversary. It all began in their home town of Grajewo, with a bunch of childhood friends fascinated with breakdancing. They used to practise copying the moves of b-boys seen on VHS cassettes and MTV. Despite being self-taught, they made it to the Polish breakdancing top.

Białystok – Polish capital of dance

Fair Play Crew members became widely popular after their enormously successful performances on television talent shows, such as “You Can Dance” and “Poland’s Got Talent”. It was thanks to them, that at the turn of the 21 st century, Białystok started to be called the “Polish capital of dance”. With their award-winning dance play “Morosophus”, Fair Play Crew also proved to be talented choreographers.

From passion to business and the greatest dance festival in Europe

Over the years, the Fair Play brand expanded to new projects, such as a dance school, a clothing brand and a recording studio. However, the greatest of them all proved to be the Fair Play Dance Camp – the largest educational dance festival in Europe. Each year, subsequent editions gather thousands of young people from all over the world, who come to the festival to develop their passion for dance with the help of the world’s greatest stars of modern choreography.

Comedy breakthrough on the world’s scale 

It came as a surprise for many, when, in 2015, the Crew won 1 st prize at the prestigious PAKA Cabaret Review in Cracow. Their dance-comedy play “Amateurology” turned out to be a huge success. Robert Górski of the Moral Anxiety Cabaret described the spectacle as “entertainment at its highest level”. This splendid mime play and a choreographic masterpiece followed to take by the storm also the stages abroad, e.g. in the UK, Germany or… China, where the FPC have already toured several times.

Many people we talk to in Poland or abroad are surprised by the fact that we live in Białystok. But that’s the truth – this is where we live, pursue our passions and run our businesses together with a fantastic team of our co-workers. We perform on other continents, organise a huge festival in Cracow, but the headquarters has always been here. After 25 years of working together, I guess if I were to tell you where to find creativity and bold ideas, it would definitely be: “Podlaskie”.

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