Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature. - Anna Sokólska
Anna Sokólska

I live and work here


The best woman horseback archer in the world.  She was born and bred in Podlaskie. Friends sometimes call her “SatAnn”. Why? She likes snowboarding, bridge jumping and is a professional mounted archer. She has been winning international competitions for years, in a sport, in which women make only about 30% of all athletes.

A passion since childhood

Anna grew interested in horseback riding several years ago. In 2007, while studying at Horse Breeding High School in Supraśl near Białystok, she took part in a horseback archery workshop for the first time. Today she runs her own workshops all over Poland, and represents her country in international tournaments.

On a roll

For many years now, Anna has been winning gold medals at the World Championships and at various stages of the European Grand Prix series. She is a steady member of the Polish National Team. She considers her greatest achievement to be the beating of Polish records in the Hungarian and Korean events – the major and most demanding ones. Today Anna boasts several dozens of victories, which, as she stresses, would not have been possible without the trust and friendship between the rider and the horse.

Everyone knows her

Anna is one of the best recognisable people in this sport, which is still quite niche. Every year in Podlaskie, together with the AMM Archery Team, she organises the Festival of Tatar Culture. Her dream is to have her own, professional horse riding centre, where she would be able to pass her passion on to next generations.

I come from Podlaskie. This is where I found inspiration for my life, both private and professional, i.e. horses and archery. The skills I managed to acquire here brought me championship titles and victories at world’s most prestigious tournaments. My dream is to develop interest in horseback archery among the youngest. It is so much more important here, in the multicultural Podlaskie, where horseback archery has long-standing traditions.

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