Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature. - Zenon Martyniuk
Zenon Martyniuk

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The king of “disco polo” music genre and co-founder of the legendary “Akcent” band. His smash hit “Przez Twe oczy zielone” (“Because of Your Green Eyes”) is the second most popular Polish song on YouTube with over 100 million views. In 2018, Zenon Martyniuk received the Honorary Ambassador of Podlaskie Award.

Musical family

Zenon Martyniuk comes from a small village of Gredele. Music was a part of his life since early childhood – his first music teachers were his uncles, who used to play at barn dances.

Zenon grew up in a multicultural region, with people of many different descents living together. Thanks to that he can sing in several languages, including Belarusian (he used to win Belarusian song contests as a child), Russian and Roma.

Millions of fans

Martyniuk is an unquestioned king of the “disco polo” genre and a famous star widely recognised even among fans of other types of music. He was a pioneer of “disco polo” back in 1980s, and, unlike many other stars of that time, he is still active, releasing new albums, giving concerts and breaking records of popularity on YouTube.

Honorary Ambassador of Podlaskie

Zenon Martyniuk is proud of his roots and emphasizes his links with Podlaskie. Despite performing on the greatest of stages or on TV shows, he always comes back to his home region. In recognition of his merit in promoting the Podlaskie, Zenon Martyniuk received in 2018 the Honorary Ambassador of Podlaskie Award. A year later, as a result of a community bottom-up initiative, he got portrayed in one of the murals in Białystok.

“I will never renounce Podlaskie and I am always eager to promote it. This is the place where I grew up, where I started, and I always come back here. If my music helps promote the region, then it makes me extremely happy.”


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