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Podlaskie Landscape Parks


1. Suwałki Landscape Park

It covers areas in the north of the voivodeship where thousands of years ago glaciers left their mark, coming from as far away as Scandinavia. It is thanks to the glacier that Poland’s deepest Lake Hancza was created, as well as breathtaking landscapes with numerous hills, lakes and mysterious stone fields. If you are enchanted by the Bieszczady Mountains, you will fall in love with Suwalszczyzna!

Suwalki Landscape Park was listed as one of the “seven new wonders of Poland” by National Geographic Traveler Magazine. It is an absolute “must see”.

To do:

  • Climb the mountains of Suwalszczyzna: the picturesque Castle Mountain (228 m) and the highest mountain in the region, Cisowa Mountain (256 m).
  • Visit the stone field of Bachanowo – a place where thousands of years ago the glacier left hundreds of boulders scattered around.
  • See the historic temple of the Old Believers in Wodziłki.
  • Visit the “U Pana Tadeusza” viewpoint in Smolniki.

It is the oldest Polish landscape park – it was established in 1976.

1. Suwałki Landscape Park, photo: Paweł Tadejko

2. Knyszyn Primeval Forest Landscape Park

To the north and east of Bialystok lies the Knyszyn Primeval Forest. Its symbol is the old, tall pines called “holy” – on many of them you will find crosses fixed years ago by the locals. The uniqueness of the Forest is also created by the vibrant springs – underground waters flowing to the surface.

To do:

  • Take a walk along the wooden path in the Krzemianka Nature Reserve.
  • Visit the Arboretum in Kopna Góra – a forest botanical garden with hundreds of plant species.
  • Explore Silvarium in Poczopek – an educational nature and forest garden, recommended for families with children.
  • Stay in Supraśl – a charming town in the heart of the Forest. Supraśl is famous for its beneficial microclimate associated with the proximity of the forest, enchants with its atmosphere and wooden architecture. Here you will find the interactive Icon Museum, created on the site of an Orthodox monastery. Visit the world-renowned Wierszalin Theatre with its magical atmosphere.
Knyszyn Primeval Forest Landscape Park, photo: Paweł Tadejko

3. Łomża Landscape Park of the Narew Valley

The floodplains of one of the region’s most beautiful rivers – the Narew, known as the “Polish Amazon” – present the most picturesque view in early spring.

The Narew and the surrounding area is home to hundreds of species of water birds and animals – a dream destination for ornithologists and nature photographers. Here you can find beaver tracks, observe ruffians, geese and ducks, and with a bit of luck – meet a majestic walking elk.

The Narew Valley is called “the Polish Amazonia” due to the numerous meanders of the river and its preserved original landscape.

Łomża Landscape Park of the Narew Valley, photo: Zdzisław Folga
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