Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature. - January 2022

Plan your year in Podlaskie

January 2022

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Cross-country skiing

Hit cross-country trails and ski through snow-covered winter landscape. Podlaskie boasts several picturesque XC skiing trails as well as a number of equipment rentals.

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European bisons

Look for free roaming European bisons. It is easy to spot them in winter, e.g. near the town of Krynki.

Nature in pristine condition

Podlaskie is one of the most biodiverse regions in Poland. It features 4 national parks, which cover a significant part of the region’s total area.

January in Podlaskie

Time for winter experience! Start the year in Podlaskie with sleigh rides or… winter kayaking trips. Do not miss the unique opportunity to celebrate Christmas twice in a matter of just 2 weeks – the Catholic and Orthodox use different religious calendars.

January in Podlaskie
The Suwałki Landscape Park
is the oldest landscape park in Poland.
It was established in 1976.
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