Podlaskie. Fuelled by nature. - Aleksandra Krasnodębska-Gwardzik
Aleksandra Krasnodębska-Gwardzik

I live and work here


For the last couple of years, under the brand name of SVOJE, Aleksandra has been crafting natural cosmetics based on local ingredients: soaps, peelings and oils. SVOJE is a family business. Aleksandra works hand in hand with her father Krzysztof and her husband Piotr.

Treasures of Podlaskie

Aleksandra follows formulas of her own concept. Each of them is thoroughly prepared and safety checked. The formulas are based on vegetable oils, as well as herbal infusions and macerates. Her bestsellers, crafted entirely from Podlaskie ingredients, include the Bison Grass Soap and Hemp Serum with bison grass. Other products also feature ingredients from local suppliers, e.g. honey, herbs and beeswax.

Rooted in tradition

The SVOJE logo refers to the history of the region. Its design was inspired by the Slavic symbol for a “love song”, which has been preserved in the works of local embroideresses, often illiterate, who used to express their feelings with symbols. Same motif is to be found in Orthodox churches of Podlaskie, embroidered on traditional ritual towels.

Podlaskie quality

SVOJE gets orders from all over Poland. It also sells abroad. SVOJE products can be found in small drug stores, organic food shops, and even in select Polish design showrooms.

Customers appreciate the Podlaskie origin of the products, as the region is widely known for its pure air and pristine nature. Life amid majestic forests, shimmering lakes and fragrant meadows is a source of constant inspiration for Aleksandra.

“I started this business in Białystok, after having returned from Poznań, where my husband and I had lived for 5 years. I was considering producing natural cosmetics, and Podlaskie was a logical choice. This place just bursts with nature and high quality unprocessed ingredients are at your fingertips. It was my dream to open a family business and I am extremely happy I’ve made it come true in my home town”.

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